Sammi Rock-Paper-Scissors introduction

Sammi turned the infamous Rock-Paper-Scissors game into an iOS app.

Hi, I’m a software engineer working in South Korea.
As a side project, I have been working on Sammi for the last few months.

Why did I start this project and why is the name Sammi?
Well, I love animals and especially Samoyeds so much — white fluffy coat, big smiles, unfathomable curiosity, energy, and kindness to people. I always find myself spending time watching animal videos in Instagram.

This lead me to create an animal world the same kind I imagine in fairy tales.
For that, I started to learn Adobe Illustrator by myself and invented animal characters.
My first character is, of course, Sammi.

Samoyed -> Sammy -> Sammi.

That’s how I named him.

I’m still working on the app.
Onwards, I want to share app development process(I work on a few other apps featuring Sammi and his friends) and introduce details of Sammi and his friends. Ciao! #Samoyed, #가위바위보, #가위보게임, #RockPaperScissors, #사모예드, #iOS, #じゃんけん, #동물캐릭터, #게임, #새미, #Sammi, #Sammy, #썰매견, #눈, #눈의계곡, #Snow, #SnowValley, #snowdog

Official account of Sammi(Rock-Paper-Scissors game), SoupEnglish, and a few other apps that I’m working on